Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

well family first off, happy fathers day! dad thats to you! (haha in case you didnt know) well this week has been AWESOME we were working super hard and usually we get some good people and a lot of just alright people to teach, but this week we started and we had crazy good results we had a bunch of really good people to teach and hardly any just alright people and one of the best parts was that the people we found a lot were complete families which is always a plus, so we were super excited this week but with sunday being fathers day most of them couldnt come to church but they are all looking good for this sunday so we are happy here, and last sunday the bishop had all the recent converts give talks, and WOW it was amazing the talks they gave were soo good, simple and right to the point no fancy talk it was amazing i think it was my favorite sacrament meeting in my whole mission. so yeah my time here is going great even though its getting close to finishing but change is good. so im excited to see what else is in store for me after this. well im soo happy to hear that grandma is doing better with every day i cant believe so much stuff has happened in these 2 years. well this letter is short but it is what it is. haha well i hope all is going well and the kids are good, i love you guys and hope you guys are getting things settled in the new house.
well i love you.
Elder Curtis

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