Monday, March 16, 2009

pyramids, again!!!!

hey family hows it going? my week has been really good haha so ill aswer the questions first haha so the Zocolo is the center of mexico its like our Washington D.C. the president of mexico works in one of the buildings there and there is a cathedral there that is really cool to tour and stuff and yeah its just a cool place to go, so elder fullmer is one of my good friends here and we are in the same area kinda, we are in the same Zone and his area borders ours on the north end but yeah so we went to the zocolo with the 4 m last week and after he shaved my head!!! haha it saves sooo much time in the mornings haha so yeah in our zone of 18 elders there are 5 americans so its not too bad. so last week we only had 2 baptisms and this week none!!?? so kinda big bummer but this week looks good we found a family of 5 and they are amazing!! haha so yeah so today we dont have hardly any time to write cuz we went to teotihuacan the pyramids fyi with our ward and yeah not a whole lot of time so yeah but we are going to get on tomorrow to send pictures home so be ready for those tomorrow!
i love you guys soo much i miss you tons
Elder Curtis