Friday, September 12, 2008

e-mail #5 9/12/08

hey hows it going?

im doing good, om learning tons every day and today like 10 minutes ago the district that lives in the 2 rooms next to us got their flight plans today!! so that was crazy! it was cool seeing that happen and to hope that our VISA's will go through, cause we are supposed to get our flight plans in 2 weeks!!! its gonna be wierd to see them go cause me and Elder Montalvo have gotten to be really good friends with all those guys so its gonna suck when they leave, but when they leave our district will be the senior district so we get all of the hand-me-down traditional stuff so that will be cool. other than that its been just a normal week, oh besides Dieter F. Ucktorf coming to talk to us on tuesday!!! haha we got really good seats and he gave a really good talk on missionary work and to never give up and to endure to the end. ok so other than that nothing has really happened just A LOT of class but time seems to go pretty fast around here so thats good. Ray e-mails me sometimes so its always awsome to see hows he's doing. oh and before i forget a few things that i want haha it some raquetballs to play with haha in our rooms it gets a little boring so we make up games and we even have a 2 square court in our room that us and the other district have some fierce tournaments on so yeah, and as many CD's as you can! music is the only thing that i like to listen to and im sick of what i have and and music is good but i really want the Lord of the Rings cd and other soundtracks that might be cool maybe some Beetles as long as there arent words on that kind of music they said we can listen to it! ther is a really coll church cd out with just bagpipes which is a really good one that i want and other than that just anything that doesnt have words, so like acoustic and orchestra stuff, i think there is a good Star Wars cd too, but ill write you a letter today so you dont forget! well i hope you guys are doing good and i love you all but my time is up so i will talk to you later!I LOVE YOU!!

p.s. try and e-mail me by thursday night cause we check them friday morning at like 7 so tell everyone else if they e-mail, FYI

Elder Curtis