Monday, September 28, 2009

Waterfalls in Mexico

Wow this week was amazing. We baptized a guy our age his name is Lesly and he's the one with the lions an tigers and his mom came to watch and she said she's interested in what the church is about so hopefully in a few weeks we can baptize her. (he answered Lia's questions about what the animals all felt like) So the lions and tigers and jaguar all felt really soft, the lion was the most rough and the jaguar was really smooth but really really strong!! He was trying to pull me closer to eat me! But it was really cool! But today was even better. We went up to the waterfalls it was really long to get up there a 40 min bus ride then a 20 Mon hike up through the town to the trailhead and pay 6 pesos and the trek started!! Exactly 5 hours later and 15 miles we were back at the bottom and super tired but it was amazing we went with elder Fullmer and his comp and it was so much fun I took almost 200 pictures so I'll try and send some later on but it was soo intense it was not even a real trail most of It we were in a river
bed so we got wet and muddy but it was great. So yeah those were the happenings of this week it was sweet well I will try and write more and send more pictures!!! Well I love you
Elder Curtis

Jose Gonzalez

Back a few weeks ago Josh mentioned that he baptised a man in a wheelchair. He finally sent pictures of that man. His name is Jose Gonzalez.

More pictures from the wildlife preserve!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Very short video with a jaguar!

New Pictures!

We were so excited to come home and find he had found time to send us some pictures! We love getting baptism pictures! Earlier he had the opportunity to go to an investigators wildlife preserve and the pet the animals! Love it!