Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

Hey well that sounds like you guys has a good christmas I can't believe you guys tricked them soo bad with the wii so how is it do they like it. So other than that how was Christmas did you have eggs Benedict and I can't believe the kids slept till 8 that's crazy. So other than that my week was good on Christmas day we got invited for dinner with a family that is really cool the sister invited us to her sisters how's where her whole family was at to eat so she gave us the direction and as we got off the metro the area looked pretty fancy and there was a huge park we had to cross so we found the building and went to go inside and 3 guys asked us what we were doing there so we told them who invited us and they agreed an showed us to the elevator so we passed through the lobby which is nicer than our house and got onto the elevator and pushed number 6 so on our ride up I asked what number it was and he said no number just floor. So I was like oh great we will have to knock forever to find her then I said what if it's like the movies and this elevator is her actuall front door an it opens up into her house... So as we finally arrived the door opened an it was her house it was crazy! So we walked in and her family greeted us an blah blah blah we sat down to eat and my comp noticed there were candied yams! I was in shock it's been forever since I had those an never in Mexico so we started eating and there were soo many people there and a lot knew English a lot of them live in Miami so we talked for awhile and yeah turns out their dad ownes a big international company that sells woman underwear and is very welthy so we were talking to his 2 kids who are close to our age and it was was pretty cool to talk to people about stuff in English so it was pretty good Christmas nice and easy not the usual crazyness so that was good. So today we went to wall mart and to the mall to walk around and check stuff out an then had our district meeting and yeah everything is all good and nothing has changed since When we talked haha so this letter is not too exciting. Well that's it really I better get going gotta study for tomorrow
I love you guys!

Elder Curtis