Tuesday, June 2, 2009


well hello family and friends haha well this week has been one of those weeks... so thursday night i went to bed feeling fine and woke up at 5am with the worst feeling in my stomach i coulndt do anything to get it to go away i just sat on our couch and then went into the bathroom and started throwing up and it stayed like that till 7am it was the worst feeling ever but the pain didnt go away, today in the morning was the first morning i woke up with no pain but a member hooked me up with some medicine so that helped but yeah so been sick this weekend.

on other news our baptism that we have for this saturday well they dropped a bomb on us they said his wife is still married to her husband so they have been separated for 5 years and they have a son together but she takes care of him so we have to divorce her and then marry them so her new husband can get baptized haha so hopefully we can get it done quick and we have another guy that we are probably going to baptize within these next 2 weeks so im excited his wife and 2 young kids go to church every week but have about 10 months in the church so he will complete the family im super excited and hope they get sealed in a year so i can go with them!

in other news from the dirty city of the south i have not gotten any packages from anyone, but a question can you find me a fitted sheet bottom for my bed its super annoying it always falls off! so if you could find that it would be great, so today for p day we got together with some elders that are right next to us and went to one of the 2 malls in our area but this mall was super fancy i felt like i was back in the states again haha so i chilled with elder Smedley from utah hes pretty much the coolest haha we ate some Subway and walked around the mall then came back and played some 2 on 2 soccer and now e mailing home and might go for some tacos after i cant wait haha well i better get going i hope everything is going good on your end keep me posted about your plans dont worry everything will work out as long as you trust in the lord and prayand follow with FAITH so simple yet the most important part in this life, well i love you guys i better get going love ya.
Elder Curtis
the sheet is i think a twin and if you cant find that color just a dark brown. haha tell lia and sam i miss them soo much and give them hugs and cook me a marshmellow! well have a fun night and tell rick congrats! wish i coulda been there i love you guys