Monday, June 21, 2010

World cup

hey family, wow crazy stuff going on in round valley huh a plane crashing into the high school wow. well down here everything is going good nothing too crazy, besides the FIFA World Cup going on and all the mexicans thinking that mexico is going to win hahahaha yeah its along shot but anything for a party. so this week was good the work kinda slowed down with all the soccer going on and when soccer is on nobody answers their doors so its kinda lame but we are doing what we can. so me and my comp are still getting along good and enjoying our time here. today we had a brutal soccer game and the losers paid for lunch, well we won nuf said. so we ate good. other than that we had a zone conference on saturday and it was good, the president was the only one who spoke, and my spiritual thought for the conference is now our mission scripture haha cool, heleman 3:34-35, good stuff so yeah everything is going great and im loving it here, i cant wait to get back and see everyone, only 57 more days its going fast but im making the best of it. well im glad you enjoyed the pics and im sorry im not writing more haha i think its gradually gotten less and less over the 2 years haha well i love you guys!
Elder Curtis

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