Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We got this from Josh on Friday but were out of town and didn’t even realize there was an earthquake in Mexico City! 5.9, was a pretty good sized one. 2 earthquakes in 2 months! Little scary! -Cindy
sooo guess what?!?!?!? i just felt an actual Earthquake!! it was crazy! we were walking and all the sudden it felt like i had just got off a merry-go-round and was dizzy and couldnt walk straight and then as we looked around everything was moving it was crazy!!! it happened like3 different times but they were close together it was awsome!!! hahaha so thats the big news for right now haha
hey! hows everyone doing? so you guys got to go down to safford thats always fun. Some of my best childhood experiences are with family growing up in safford i loved it! thats soo cool that jay and dustin are expanding soo much thats exciting i might have to get me a job down there when i get back talkin with all their mexicans haha so this week we have a lot of good families we are teaching and we put a baptism date with one for the 7th of june so im excited for that. on other news we played soccer again today it was loads of fun we played for about 5 hours and super tired now but other than that we have a kid from the ward leaving on his mission on wednesday and one coming back on that same wednesday so it will be cool to see one come back and it was funny to see the one getting ready to leave a little nervous of what to come and excited all in one it brought back some good memories to think ive got 10 months here only 14 months left its crazy to think about but yeah the earthquake was crazy!! it was soo sweet i want to be in a bigger one but not to big this one was a 5.9 so not bad, well i better get going its getting late and we have a family home evening to give i hope you guys are keeping up with the FHEs they are soo important! well i love you guys sooo much give sam and lia hugs i love you!
Elder Curtis