Monday, November 9, 2009

Comps bday celebration?

Wow this week went by fast but it was good in our conference with the president he extended a challenge to look for families to teach not just individuals so this week we have been doing that and it has worked really well we have about 3 or 4 really good families in teaching right now and it is cool to see them all progress as a family unit hopefully they will all keep on track in preparation for their baptisms but other than that I am doing good my comps birthday went well all things considered. We got to the house sat down and we ate, the sister made us Pozole!! Yum and when we got done we realized we didn't have a cake..... So the search begun one of the other elders got my comp and were on their way to the store to get a cake and the guy at the house gave them the keys to his car to go in and as they were pulling out I decided to go with them so we get in the car and this thing is a real piece of work or lack of it sucked haha the transmission was horrible and the clutch was going out so we head out and we make it prob 7 blocks and the car just dies... So we coast to a stop haha it was funny the thing was floored and was going about as fast as I jog... Slow. So it dies and wouldn't start so we waited a minute and it starts so we were back on track it got to the cake store and we realized the cakes were WAY too expensive for how much we cared about my comp haha so we decided not to buy one so we get to the car and it won't start and soo they tell me to push it up around the corner so I did and then it starts and we make it about a block and dies again and I had to push us out of the other cars way on a one way street so this pattern continues for about an hour... So I am super tired by this point so we decided to let the car and me rest for a little bit and then it finnaly started and limped back to the highway so we get to the highway and it dies again so we started (we) pushing until this van drove by and honked and kept going and then 5 min later came back and offerred a tow!!! Oh yeah it was awsome they know the elders from that town and own the gym they all go to so they helped us out and turned out he is like a pastor at a church there but he is way cool and respects us so we finally get back to the house and walk in and the guy just starts laughing at us all tired and sweaty and says I knew that was going to happen!!! Haha I didn't find it soo funny and asked well why did you offer your keys?? Haha so that was our little trip on Monday and other than that we hung out with the lions and tigers and stuff again and saw the lion and the tigres mating... That was wierd to see 2 different animals doin the dirty but it was funny so yeah that was the happenings of the week.
So what tree did they cut down in Phoenix or the one in springerville? And yeah in the robbery we didn't break it up but we weren't exactly kicking him in the mouth either haha so yeah good stuff going on down here I love it I am deffinatly gonna miss it but I'm gonna make the most of what time I have left. Well tell eveyone I love them and have a great week
I love you
Adios y cuidense,

Elder Curtis