Monday, August 24, 2009


This week Josh's Great Grandmother passed away. I worried about letting him know, just because things seem a little stressed for him right now. Grandma Ellsworth was 90 and had lived a long and wonderful life. I know she's proud of him and loved hearing all about his mission. Josh is blessed to have such wonderful examples in our family. - Cindy

well thats a big bummer about grandma, im really gonna miss her. you should take pictures (lots) at the funeral and stuff, well that was just a quick letter because we are coming back later tonight to get back on because our president has locked everyone in their areas, no one can leave for anything and no one has permission to go anywhere! so lots of free time today but ill write you some more later, other than that my week has been alright just normal a little hard with the new pres. but thats life. other than that its going good normal stuff haha well i will write more later
i love you
Elder Curtis

hey im not gonna be able to write you back again im sorry but this week has been good dont worry about me ill be fine, i hope you guys are doing good and have a great week, i miss you guys soo much and love you lots
Elder Curtis