Tuesday, April 14, 2009

chicharons (fried pig skin)

so this week has been good, we had a baptism on saturday so on Seans birthday haha that was really good it was a young woman of 23, her family was baptised a few months ago and she didnt want to give of her old ways but we kept visiting her almost everyday just talking about everything and always about her baptism and how it would help her be happy and find the meaning to this life beyond just parties. so she finnally decided to be baptised so it was an awsome day. other than that this week we took a trip to the C.V. centro de visitantes aka visitors center at the temple with an investigator and recent converts it was awsome we watched the movie the Testaments it was awsome i love that movie, and then walked around and talked about everything it was great and seeing the "couple" missionaries made me think of papa and patty it was neat. so other than that this week the food is an interesting point its always a surprise but its usually good but there is one thing chicharon its like pork rhines its fried pig skin and they eat it a lot haha they put it in salsa verde and it ets all mushy and gross i absolutely hate it, but some types of chicharon is good, we just got back from eating gorditas de chicharon its pretty good here in mexico city we also eat a lot of chicken!!! in all forms! but i sure miss good steak. so this last friday we went to the hospital to donate blood to a little kid with leukimia but since it was the friday of the Holy Week which on this day they actually crucify someone acting as Jesus Christ its crazy thay act out that whole part of his life, but the hospital was closed so we walked 3 miles at 6 am for nothing haha and it was really cold that morning and so now i have the flu! it was horrible so today we went back to give blood but i am sick so i decided not to but my comp and another missionary did while we wated outside, and then while we were walking back home a member of our ward who was returning from seeing his daughter in the hospital who was born about 7 months ago and has been in the hospital the whole time with problems with her intestines, but anyways the member that picked us up has the COOLEST car its a 1950 chevy hot rod its awsome i love it he keeps trying to get me to drive it but im playing hard to get hahaha but other than that this week has been really good we´ve had some good success this week and time seemes to be going by soo fast sometimes but i love it here. so i hope you guys are doing better this week since all that bad luck you guys have been having. but i really hope you guys can go see Nekr and fam. plus lia and sam would love to see the grand canyon especially with snow it looks awsome, but anyways tell kim and adam how happy i am for them for this decision in their life to be as a family for eternity i wish i could be their but im helping people change to make that choice here. alright well i better get going i love you guys soo much and hope you guys get better soon give hugs to lia and sam and tell them i love them, tell dad happy birthday on saturday,
well Adios
Elder Curtis