Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hello family so this week we have transfers and im getting changed!! im going to a zone called culuhuacan its not too far from where i am now so thats cool i can come back and visit haha so yeah there are transfers every 6 weeks but you dont get changed every 6 weeks every 2 or 3 changes usually. ok so big new there is a woman that is flying to phoenix this week to live with her husband and she said she could take some stuff for me... so i sent a small package with a purse for lia a shirt, a bag that a member thought i might like to give you haha and picture CDs so yeah but you guys will have to go get it or have kim or adam if adam knows some spanish because they dont know ANY english!!! haha so yeah here is their address (I didn't post their address on the blog, but have to find a way to get to meet them, especially if I want to see more pictures!)
Jesus Rodriguez A.
call before and ask " si estan en su casa para venir por el packete de mi hijo, Elder Curtis? haha and yeah
haha good luck the family is really nice so dont worry haha and good luck well i better get going i still have to pack!!!! haha oh and still no packages so who knows hopefully tomorrow.
alright well i love you guys and have a good week!!
Elder Curtis