Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hey so we found out about changes and both of us are staying in our area but we are getting a new zone and district leader so that should be interesting, (both of them were supposed to go home, but the swine flu restrictions held them up and prevented any missionaries from getting sent in) today we played soccer for a few hours with almost our whole zone and a few guys from the various wards so other than that it was a good day but nothing else too exciting.
but yeah with the prayer its soo hard for me in english i really dont remember the words the spanish comes to my head faster its kinda wierd but i love the language, well not a whole lot to say i kinda said it all yesterday but i hope you guys have a good week and tell everyone i said hi and i love you,
Elder Curtis

Mother's Day Call

Okay we may have abused this privilage a little! We were able to talk to our missionary for a few hours. There was confusion with the times and the number so I actually talked to him for a bit on Friday. He had been at a members home actually making brownies! (thank you Crosby's for the cookbook, he's using it!) We called back Sat. night and my Mom and a lot of the family were able to visit with him. It was so cute to see the cousins lined up in the hall waiting for their turn. I had typed up some questions they could ask him if they wanted, that way it might ease up on the awkwardness. He said some were pretty persistent in getting answers. They laughed because he told them the worst thing he ate were the cactus and not the grasshoppers or cow brains they knew he had eaten. It was neat to see my brother in laws speak to him in Spanish and hear how well he's doing with the language. On Sunday he said we could call and finish up because we had problems with our calling card. We had family prayer via speakerphone and Dad asked him to say it....I was impressed he hadn't forgotten the word "fetch!" he asked if he could do it in Spanish because he forgot how to pray in English. Lia offered to teach him when he got home. ha ha. It was so sweet to hear our sweet missionary pray in Spanish, it just flowed out of him. I may not have understood much of what he said but it had to be one of the sweetest prayers I've ever heard. What a man he is becoming. Tha's what most everyone said that they were amazed how grown up he sounded. He's doing well! Still frustrated with the government for the panic over the swine flu...to know that they got on TV and reported false statements, was hard for him. He just is amazed how differnent things are down there. The violence and the drugs are everywhere. The members are good to him, one is even offering to "fix" his thyroid issues with acupuncture! If you know Josh you know he is freaked out by needles and won't let the guy near him. He said his clothes and shoes are holding up, and it a master with the needle. He manages to rip his pants frequently enough to stay in practice. Which is hilarious because he didn't want to take the sewing kit, saying he'd never use it! It sounds like he gets along great with this companion, which is a blessing. It was tough to tell him goodbye again. But I told him I was grateful for the wonderful letters and pictures he sends that really do help to know what he's up to and make us less homesick for him. It's hard to get out of him what he needs, he doesn't want to be a burden or cost us extra money, but he said he loves getting pictures! Anyway, he's doing great! It was one of the best Mother's Days I've ever had!
Thanks everyone! We love you!