Monday, February 22, 2010

staying with Decker, but getting pulled from area!

Hey well today we got the changes and me and Decker are staying together another change so that's good so 4 1/2 months with him which is not very common but both my American comps have been with me for that time so I guess I'm just lucky. So the other good news is we are leaving our area to open a new ward, well 2 wards. The pres finnaly took us out of this ward and no one else is going to come here so this place won't have any elders. So our new area is not to far away and we will be in our same zone and district so that's cool and we have heard some good stuff about these new wards. But this week is gonna be interesting changing wards and looking for a new house and getting to know everyone especially the sisters who feed us!! Haha so yeah this week we have been making all our food that we have in our house like deckers mom sent him a thanksgiving package with all kinds of food so this week we had mashed potato pearls with gravy it was soo good and last night we made a cranberry raspberry jello with pecans it's really good. So we still have brownies and stuffing and candied yams so we might make the rest some day. So today we played some soccer and wrestled around it was fun just relaxin and tomorrow looking for a house and new area stuff. Well not much else is going on just 4 more changes till I'm back north of the border so that's coming up soon. So the house sounds like it's comming along good wish I was there to help. Well that's all I can think of right now. Talk to ya later. I love you guys!!

Elder Curtis