Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ward night!

April 19, 2010
hello family, so another week has come and gone and we are on the downhill side of this month so thats good, and that means its about May and that means its almost mothers day, the day i get to talk to you guys. haha i cant wait to talk to lia and sam, they are getting soo big and have changed a lot in the past 20 months. so other than that me and my companion are doing great, we are getting along really good and we are working hard. we are having success and the month of may is looking to be a good month with probably 6 baptisms this month which is really cool i hope all goes well with the people with baptism dates. we have 2 families that are ready to be baptized so im excited, i love baptizing whole families its one of the coolest things to be a part of. so yesterday we had ward conference in one of our wards and it was really good we had a new family there with us and one of our old investigators just showed up which was really cool, and the talks were pretty good i hope the members payed attention haha.
so dad got released... well it had to happen sooner or later, who got put in? and you guys are gonna start moving stuff down there, where are you gonna put it at?? well ALL my stuff, and i do mean ALL should be there haha ill have to go through it all this time i guess, organize and throw stuff away. well that is just about all i can think of thats going on for us down here, i hope you guys are doing good and arent to busy getting everything figured out for the move. well tell the kids i love them and give them hugs, i love you guys.
Elder Curtis
***Bobby Udall got put in to replace Sean. He’ll do awesome!
well this week has been awsome, me and my comp are doing awsome and yes i am teaching him to speak english haha its really funny because i totally know what he feels like not understanding anything like when i first got to mexico but hes doing good. but we are tearing it up here with baptizms coming up pretty soon and the members love us here and are always feeding us and giving us food which is kinda rare here but its cool, we started a good program thing here called "ward night" haha where we pretty much just go play soccer at night on fridays and after we buy some sodas and me and my comp share a message and yeah the members invite their non member or inactive friends to come play and we usually end up teaching the whole group of like 25 people the lessons but its good even for the members to hear the lessons because its like a reminder of what we should be doing as members so its awesome i love it here in these wards i hope i stay here for the rest of my mission but who knows its up to my president, so yeah im doing great down here and loving it more and more every day.
haha just a random chunk of information for you guys haha sorry its kinda out of context but its better than nothing haha and yes im looking forward to talking to you guys, so your going to safford?? (for the Mother’s Day call) its up to you guys if you want to stay home its all good ill be home soon enough to talk to everyone else
Elder Curtis