Wednesday, June 30, 2010

no letter

Sorry this week there hasn't been much of a letter just brief messages with promises of a letter tomorrow. Big news this week though is that he may be coming home a little early! He was tentatively scheduled to come home the 1st part of August and there were a bunch of conflicts as well as a desire to go to school. We talked to the mission president and Josh had an interview with him on Tues. to renew his recommend and talk with him about his plans. No word yet on what the Mission President will decide or when we will get him home. Josh is supposed to call Pres. Chavez tonight and get a decision. We will see!!!! It's wierd to think of him coming home! Mixed emotions all around! The crazy boy said I better not be emotional when he gets home...hmmmm nice try! So excited and sad that this part of our life is coming to an end. It's over way too soon and at the same time drug on forever. We are so grateful for all the support our wonderful friends and family have given us. What a journey it has been. Cherish every moment! They are over before you know it....
I'll post as soon as we have a date!

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