Monday, February 16, 2009

Okay as a Mom I think I really almost blew it today. We were busy in Safford with family this weekend and I totally forgot his weekly letter, until we were on our way out of town. I was pretty stressed. I called my family and asked them to quickly write him hoping it would get to him in time. I suck! Anyway, he loved getting a letter from them and I was able to catch him on the computer as soon as I got home. YEAH! Thanks for writing him! You will never know how much the support means until it's one of your kids. I love that he has such an amazing support group! We love you all.

From Elder Curtis
hey hows it going? you guys know computers do exist when you guys are out of town... especially in Safford haha well this week was good the family went through the temple it was AMAZING we got to go with them with 8 other elder that know the family, so that was really neat, so thats the big news this week not much i can say it was another week of "awsomeness" i love it here, well ill get some pictures sent next week from the temple and stuff, oh oh i got your package with my shoe haha thanks i still havent had time to go through all the cool stuff but thank you guys soo much, tell lia thanks for her pictures they are awsome!, well give sam and lia hugs and i love you guys! tell me how safford was! and ill talk to you later. i love you guys thanks for all you do,
Elder Curtis

hey i just got this before i got off but yeah the family in safford sent me a big letter so that was way cool, so yeah good to hear you guys had a good time down there. and that jace and tanner are doing good. but yeah so in this package maybe some more cashews haha the other can was gone fast, haha but other than that im doing good i got you package with the shoe it was fast like 2 weeks so thats cool, alright well i gotta go now
i love you guys
Elder Curtis