Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carnitas! and a Cock Fight?

hey family so this week has been a pretty eventfull week down here in mexico for me and Elder Ramirez well on wednesday we went on divisions with our district leaders and well it was the end of the month and it just happens to be that it was the fair of the town so the catholic people throw a big party for the birthday of the town so they have all kinds of fireworks going off 24/7 but not the ones that blow up with colors just the ones that blow up really loud haha so that was kinda annoying but imagine the fair in safford but instead of at the fairgrounds they shut down all the streets in the middle of town and put all the rides and stands in the streets so all the streets were crammed with people trying to get their cars through and carnies setting up all their stuff so it was pretty cool but at the end of the day on the way home we decided to buy some bread but not just any ol bread its called "pan de feria" haha or "fair bread" real origional but its really good its got nuts raisins and all kinds of other stuff but its really tasty so that was a good end to the day. so then on saturday we had 2 baptisms but neither of them could do it at the same time so we had 2 different baptisms one at 10 am and the other at 2 pm and then to top of the day we were invited to eat at 3 different parties for the fair, plus our scheduled meal haha and of course we cant say no so we had 4 big meals on saturday haha it was great, and for big parties the favorite meal is called "carnitas" also my personal favorite but carnitas are like deep fried ribs and different parts of the pig, but they are the best tacos ever!! so then on sunday church was good we had the confirmations and then another family invited us to eat with them so after church and our first meal we went to meal number 2 and we knock on the door and the sister opens the door and inside its like a courtyard patio thing with like 5 separate houses and in the middle their is a big ring of people and the brother of the house is running a Cock Fighting tournamant haha it was awsome i aways wanted to see a cock fight and finnaly after 21 months i got to see one well a lot actually, and we ate more carnitas it was a great day. oh and the cock fights got a little crazy when you combine a macho activity, beer and bets and it usually ends in a brawl haha and thats what happened a big fight broke out but it was all good it got rid of the problem causers. so yeah and then today we had the meeting and then played some ultimate frisbee haha a new favorite here in the mission haha well i better get going gotta go eat some waffles haha i love you guys and have a great day!!