Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lions and tigers oh my!

hey hows it going? so papa and patty are getting ready to come home thats crazy, i remember when they got their call it feels like not too long ago... so how was the funeral... before i forget i was wondering if i could get a copy of her life story so i could read it. how many people were there??
so down here its been good this week it was the last week of the change so we were thinkin one of us was going to leave and most likely my comp soo he was packing up some stuff and saying goodbye to people all week and last night at 11pm we called the zone leaders to get the changes and they started off by saying..."your not gonna believe it... but your both staying." so we are going to be together another 6 weeks which is cool so 4 1/2 months at least with elder perez, in other news we are teaching a guy who is 20 years old whos family has like a wildlife preserve or something but they have 2 lions male and female, 2 tigers male, female and 2 jaguares male female its crazy and he said next time we go to teach him we are going to get them out and take pictures with them!!! im soo excited ive never been that close to those animals before, we were right next to them one fence between us and them and i almost touched the tiger but thought better not to hahaha, but the guy we are teaching asked us what he had to do and when he could get baptised so i was pretty excited about that he is awsome and wants to serve a mission so that made my week, other than that we played soccer today and someone had the great idea to play americans vs the mexicans... in my experience this never ends good and soo far my experience proves correct, today we about had like 5 fights on the field it got pretty intense with the mexicans winning the first game 7 to 2 but the americans never give up we won game number 2, 7 to 4 but there were good amounts of blood and fat lips but its all good and we cooled down with some intense rounds of ping pong so all in all today was one of the better P-days haha so the biggest mexican holiday is coming up on the 15th of september its like the 4th of july for this country and involves a lot of beer, weapons and fireworks... its gonna be awsome!!!
so yeah im hoping to head home a change early to get school taken care of and get on that, but i just have to clear it by pres. but im not thinking it will be a problem, but i just dont want to get back right before school starts and then have to leave 3 days after i get home, so thats my thinkin behind this plan. so other than that this week has been good and hoping to have another good one well other than that i love you guys and hope you have a good week and i miss you!
adios y cuidense mucho,
Elder Curtis