Monday, December 15, 2008

Baptism tonight!!!

well hello everyone! well another monday is here so this week has been really good, on wednesday we got to go to the temple and do a session with 4 other zones and with our President and his Wife so that was awsome!!! it was soo cool we all went through together in the same session there were about 80 or 90 of us it was amazing i loved it, and i got 3 packages!! 2 from my family and one from shonna, but those are the only ones ive got so far ( the 2 from you guys was just christmas stockings and candy so yeah not sure about the other ones) so we set a baptismal date for a family of 4 for the 19th and we have 3 others for the 21st and we ave one TODAY at 7pm!!!! wooo hooo im really excited and we also have one on christmas day the 25th so i cant wait im excited, so we had an elder return from his mission this week and we were talkig to him and he served in Guadalahara south and he knew Elder Hamblin!! haha so we talked for a while, my comp also has a friend in rays mission too soo thats cool, oh soo yesterday we had a family who is investigating come to church with us and we got there just in time as they were starting when as soon as i sat down, the 2nd counciler came down to us and he asked me to give a talk!..... so i coulndt say no so i had to borrow a book of mormon and prepare a 5 - 10 min talk haha it was a little stressfull but it turned out good haha so this month is going to be crazy with the baptisms and for the rest of the month its going to be big "posadas" or parties till january 3, this is that time of year so it should be fun, there are piƱatas everywhere and there has been the soccer championships going on all month so its crazyness well gotta go but ill try to send some pictures later today i love you guys soo much bye
elder curtis