Monday, June 21, 2010

awesome soccer game!

alright well this might be a short letter because i was sending pictures but it said they couldnt be delivered to your email so im doing it from a different email but its slower, so short email and hopefully the pictures work. so it sounds like things are going good soo far for you guys which im glad hear and especially for grandma thats great that shes doing good i cant wait to see her, hopefully she gets better soon. so this week has been really awesome down here we found some great people and are doing good, me and my comp are doing good and getting along great, i still dont have the adress but i dont think a package will get here in time so dont worry about it... haha sorry. so today we had our meeting then we had a brutal but awesome game of soccer and now we are here getting ready for the buffet again kinda a new monday tradition haha but yeah i better get going but i hope you got the pics if not tell me and ill send them again, well i love you.
Elder Curtis

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