Monday, June 29, 2009

2 baptisms

hey well this week has been really crazy with the conference and baptisms and my comp has been super sick so hes been spending a lot of time in his bed but im pretty sure he is feeling better today after soccer, so we had 2 baptisms this week Leandro 16yrs and ilse 14yrs, soo thats really cool and other than that our president comes here this wednesday so 2 more days, other than that me and my comp are doing good getting back on track ofter this last week, so hows grandma doing up there? well not a whole lot of time to write today lots of stuff to do we have to plan and give 2 family home evenings tonight. well i hope that the family is starting to come together more. well im sorry its really short this week but ill try to get more next week.
i hope everyone is feeling better and doing good, tell everyone i love them and give grandma a hug and lia and sam
i love you guys
Elder Curtis