Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New bikes

Josh at the baptism of Maria. And lookout, he got a "new" bike! Let's hope for the best!

the "Dew"

Elder Smedley was kind enough to share valuable Mtn. Dew with his compadres! Josh said it doesn't exist down there and he was soooo stoked to be able to have one! We'll have to return the favor!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Things that grow in Mexico

The green cornfields in Mexico! Along with some random "weeds" outside a members home. (notice the sweet hair) And a lot where they make brick for houses. I was so excited to see how green it can be this time of year there.

Hair cut

These are a few pictures of Josh's new "haircut"/scalping! Like he said at least he's tall and it isn't quite as noticeable...lol

wheelchair baptism

hey hows it going? so this week has been good we had a baptism of a man who is in a wheelchair so he chose me to baptise him, so i had to carry him down into the font, then kneel down and baptise him like that but it took 3 times to get his legs to stay down, it was kinda hard to hold him up for soo long and then carry him out but we got it done and it was awesome! He is such an awesome guy i cant wait to see what he will do in the church. but im going to send some pictures right now so today will be a short letter but with lots of pictures hopefully!!! haha but i love you
Elder Curtis