Monday, November 3, 2008


Nov. 3 2008
welll helllooo world and family,
well today was soooo coool we went to Teotihuacan (pyramids) and spent the whole day there! i spent about 360 pesos buying some touristy stuff that was really fun cause none of the mexicans think we know spanish so they try to sell really high but i talked a guy down 450 pesos (about 45 american) on these 2 obsidian statues about 4 or 5 inches high it was cool looking and i love to bargain in spanish cause they just think were stupid gringos haha so i payed like 200 pesos so 20 bucks on the statues not bad but more than i wanted to spend , i also bought a cool obsidian knife with turqouse handle thats about 13 inches long for 125 pesos (11bucks) haha he was asking 450 pesos!!!! crazy mexicans haha so the pyramids were super cool but about 5 million stairs!!!! but it was worth the 4 hour travel one way and everything it was cool ill post some pics sometime, so the food here is good im sick and tired of people asking if i thought mexico was going to be sombreroes and meriachies haha and i explain how many mexicans live in arizona! and they ask about the food and think we only eat hamburgurs and pizza haha so the food isnt to hot its really good! ive been sick a few times mostly its the chicken that gets us we had it that was like ice cold and raw but this lady is super poor and gets offended really bad if you dont eat it all so we ate it......and payed for it but it wasnt too bad its happened like twice, and yeah we only eat once a day besides cold cereal for breakfast, its at 2 in the afternoon but its not bad cause they feed us a bunch, other than that just the normal mission work but this week we spent everyday in Temamatla(look at your map) and had a lot of succsses found 8 new investigators which is more than the last month put together and those 8 were in 2 days of hard work so its looking good one is the sanchez family with 3 generations of family who look really promising so thats sweet but who knows, but yeah sounds like its going good back home well im doing good here and love it soo much well
Elder Curtis