Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Welcome to the Jungle!"

Wow! today was awsome we finally went and took pictures with the lions tigers and jaguar it was awsome! i got to touch all of them through the fence and i took a ton of pictures it was soo cool, the jaguar was trying to eat us he was a little onery but was awsome!! i grabbed the paw of the jaguar and we got some great pictures and some sweet video!! it was awsome then they had some other stuff like a lynx and a racoon it was kinda funny and some geese and some little bunnies running around. so that was the excitement of the day today and we took 2 other elders, elder fullmer and his comp it was a lot of fun! During the week we also had some good success and we have a baptism set up for this saturday so it should be great i cant wait but i have to go but ill write more in a little bit i miss you and love you!!
Elder Curtis

Unfortunately he never wrote back :( We are so grateful that he's doing so well! I love that he usually sounds so postive, even when I'm sure there have been struggles. I can't wait to see pics and video!