Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elder Aguilar, new comp

wow the temple dedication sounds awsome! im glad you guys got to go to the first session, and thats crazy that the prophet stoped to talk to amy and them that would have been awsome to be there. so the move is getting really close i cant believe it haha going home to a new place, but im excited for you guys it should be fun. so yeah this week has been kinda crazy, im in my new area and its still pretty close to where i was before about 30 min in public transportation. its called espartaco and our church is one of the biggest in size in all of mexico so its pretty cool, the members here are awsome so far and they give us soo much to eat im pretty sure im going to gain weight haha on sunday they gave us 2 boxes of cereal and 16 apples and a bunch of flour tortillas haha so they treat us pretty good but not as good as the states. lately ive been getting a lot more crap from the people for being from arizona, how is it back there. so my new comp is elder aguilar and he was born in idaho and when he was 4 yrs old his family moved back to tijuana mexico so he speaks some good english but im helping him speak better, so im his trainer, hes only got 5 months in the mission but hes doing good and we are learning from eachother which is good. so yeah our house is also pretty awsome it looks like ive got some pretty good luck with getting good houses. so yeah my new area is awsome the members are awsome and we have a baptism on friday so its going good and time feels like its going faster which is not good, 11 weeks haha well thats pretty much the news for this week.
i love you guys and hope all goes weel with the move.
Elder Curtis