Thursday, June 11, 2009

feeling better

well time is officially going by fast i cant believe its june already. so this week has been good nothing too exciting has happened so far. today me and elder smedley and our comps went to a mall again to hang out and i was looking for a new Ipod (his old ipod broke this week, and he is dreaming of a new one to put all of his music and pictures on) and found out the electronics are way more expensive here!¡ I looked up one on the internet here but its like almost a hundred dollars more than what I can get in the states! it was crazy but im thinking about it, one even has a translater built in!! i could better my spanish whith it and bring more souls to the Gospel haha.
anyways the sickness is gone and im feeling a lot better. work has been good this week we found some good families to teach which i love, teaching whole families is the coolest thing ever. so this sunday we have changes or transfers however you want to call it so we find out if one of us is leaving or both are staying. so other than that nothing has really happened just the same old stuff different day, so im here with elder smedley and he said his mom told him you wrote her and sent a picture of me and she just said "wow hes big!" haha thats the impression i make on people haha im definately planning on hanging with smedley after the mission hes super cool and hes 24 so i might hook him up with C---- see if she wants a pen pall hahaha
well i better get finishing up i have no idea what to write about my mind is totally blank so i might write later but i love you guys soo much dont have too much fun without me haha
i love you
Elder Curtis