Monday, March 2, 2009

He can cook!!!!

This is a picture of some spaghetti that he cooked in his fancy kitchen! He said it was pretty good, although I'm not sure what he put in it.

1/2 to goal!

hey hows it going? well im doing really good, this week has been awsome we found another family to teach that really looks promising so this sunday after our stake conference we are going to have 5 baptisms!! oh yeah! so yeah our goal of 10 this month is gonna be hard but we can do it i cant wait, this week we had another zone conference and our president talked to us and it lasted 6 1/2 hours! way long but it was good our president announced to us who the new president will be starting in june sometime, hes from mexico so thats cool but im gonna miss president doxey for sure. but change is good. so my birthday was awsome we had a few parties with some members and yeah this weekend we ate sooo much food with all the food from my parties but its over now back to the good ol days haha. wow it really sounds like lia is getting better at her testimony thats awsome, haha i am too haha its a little different when everyday i day i bare and rely on my testimony so i love it! thats crazy that kim is almost out of the MTC that time flew by dang. so yeah im doing good down here the heat is starting to come and i cant imagine how hot it will be in summertime but hopefully it will rain a lot too soo it wont be too bad! well i better get going we've got to go clean the house before we get to bed so im excited for that haha alright well i love you guys soo much and hope you have a good week!
i love you guys!

Birthday Cake!

We are missing our missionary especially on his 20th Birthday!!!! We had his traditional mint ice cream birthday cake and sang to him! Hopefully he feels our love for him! Lucky for us he has wonderful families that took care of him on his birthday.