Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ok so this week was pretty crazy with everything, we had Zone Conference and that’s was with 2 other zones and President Doxey came and spoke it was the first time I’ve seen him since the first day I got here 6 weeks ago so that was cool, it was about 7 hours long, we practiced teaching lessons and then president Doxey spoke to us about the temple stuff this weekend and about a bunch of other stuff it was way cool and all in spanish and I actually understood it all so that was good, after I got a letter from Macy, but still no package from you guys it’s been a while, a trick the other moms use is to put Virgin Mary (virgin guadalupe)stickers on it they usually don’t mess with those. So hopefully I get it soon. The cultural event was way cool the stadium was pretty dang big! there was 6 missions I saw a lot of friends from the MTC my companions and others I finally found Justin Crick(his friend from High School is in Mex City West) when we were getting ready to leave so I got to talk to him for only a few minutes but I got a picture and talked for a minute, on sunday we got to go to the stake center and watch the rededication services and it was awesome I loved it, so yeah cool stuff that’s about it, well I love you guys I hope you’re doing good, tell Sam and lia to get me a fish for their fish tanks but only if their good and earn it, and give my fish cool spanish names haha well I really gotta go now its bed time. cheer up and keep a smile on your faces! Tell lia and sam to smile big and be nice to everyone, love you
Elder Curtis
**at the cultural celebration I heard from another mom that the missionaries came in singing Called to Serve in Spanish to the Prophet and Pres. Eyring. They said it was awesome. What a blessing for him to be there. -cindy