Monday, March 1, 2010

21st birthday

Hey fam so yeah this week is still kinda a wierd one still looking for a new house in the new area but we went to our new wards yesterday to meet the members and stuff so it was cool they all seem really good and are really excited to have missionaries back in their wards and both of the ward mission leaders seem good so I'm really excited. Well bein our first day in our new area we had a lot of meeting with the bishops and stuff and not knowing anyone we didn't do anything for my birthday it was just another day. I still haven't gotten the package so who knows how much longer.
So are the Cricks living in our ward now? I think I remember you saying that where are they living at? Haha Justin is back that is soo wierd and Ray gets back in 2 weeks that's cool but yeah most of the missionaries are having trouble with emails because the myldsmail is getting changed so I think I hav a new address for the church site but I haven't really checked on it lately.

so the house sounds like it's coming along good I'm excited to see it. And hopefully grandmas operation goes good, I'm kinda worried but I'll keep her in my prayers.
Well that's about it. Not much else I can think about but I love you guys!

Elder Curtis