Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Companion

Well hows it going being back home?? Sounds and looks like you guys had a blast! I miss the SNOW soo much but I can’t complain about the weather it’s pretty much perfect here! It’s nice. Well it sounds like its nice and cold at home and Lia is missing school that doesn’t last for too long, so yeah my new companion..... hmmmm well he’s from just south of the border below El Paso and he’s a super neat freak!!! His first day he spent almost 2 hours scrubbing every surface of our bathroom haha and he sleeps with a teddy bear!!! haha he’s my second comp to do that! but yeah it’s alright we work good together so that’s what matters. That’s funny that Lia misses school I wonder how long that stage will last ha well that’s a bummer Jeff and macy had to work when you were there too bad. Well I’m doing good and enjoying it here I love it! I miss Lia and Sam a whole lot its weird being soo far away for soo long, well mom and dad you guys are the best parents ever I love you guys give Lia and Sam big hugs for me I love you all!
Elder Curtis

Christmas phone call!

This is from Cindy:
Seems like it's been a while since I've had time to update this...sorry. We went back east for the holidays and things have been a little crazy since. We got a very brief email the monday that we left from Josh telling us he would call on Christmas day at about 8:00 pm. I had given him a calling card before he left and we figured it would work....it didn't. He was able to call from a sweet ladies house and we tried to figure out how to make the call happen. I tried to call him right back but my sister in laws phone didn't allow calls to Mexico. He called back and gave us the info off his calling card and that worked for a bit. The whole time I talked to him family kept trying to figure out how to make the phone work so we could talk longer. He said we could call back the next day and we did and things worked out great. It was so neat to be able to hear his voice! He is doing awesome! I can't believe the changes in him. He has had 4 baptisms since he got to his new area. (still no word if the 16 year old girl ever got baptized from his last area). His first baptism that he was able to do he said stressed him out a lot! There were quite a few that day and they had to broadcast it to the chapel. So first one and there's cameras involved and she had like 4 huge long names. He survived! He said Christmas morning was great because they had one that day as well. Lia has been practicing her spanish and asked him if his shirt was still blanco or if he needed a new one. She cracks herself up. He loves his new area and there is a family there (the house we called too) that take really good care of him. He's loved getting the packages that have been sent and feels bad how much it costs. He's curious how everyone is doing and we racked our brain giving him as many updates as possible. He said one of the things he likes to eat is corn on the cob with mayonaise and green chili on it (we are supposed to get pics at some point) He said it sounds gross and smells worse but is surprisingly good. I was just amazed by his humility and how appreciative of all that is done for him. When I tell him how many people help with his mission or ask about him he is blown away. I asked him if it was hard for him to be there...he said of course it's hard work but it's what you do and what you are there for. He said it's so amazing to be there and to learn about the people, he has made some amazing friendships. While we were talking a car drove by and they yelled out "CURTIS!!!!", I said was that for you? he giggled and said yes, it's not hard to figure out which Elder he was. Made me feel good to know he is loved and being taken care of. He said they all think he's Mexican because he's gotten so dark. Wanted everyone to know how much he loves them and appreciates all they do for him. We have truly been very blessed. When it got time to end the phone call I couln't believe how hard it was to say Goodbye. We love him and miss him more than I thought possible. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers on his behalf. We love you!