Monday, January 19, 2009


This is a picture of Elder Curtis' first baptism (I think) and I'm hoping this is the family that lives near the church that really take care of him. Also there is one of he and Elder Crick (a buddy from school) he is serving in Mexico City West. They found each other at the cultural celebration. Looks like he's having fun anyway.


well this week has been alright nothing too exciting, we teach people everyday but no one really wants to hear anything. ( I asked him what book he was reading)and im reading a little in Jesus The Christ, it makes my brain hurt sometimes its pretty intense. well it sounds like its just another winter back home, so last week after i said the weather was perfect here.... i cursed us haha the next day it was cold and started raining!! we didnt see the sun untill sunday afternoon and it rained the whole week not hard but enough to soak everything and it was constant so yeah lots of water and wet clothes. but this week looks promising, it was good to actually get some rain though. that sucks you guys are all sick thats no fun. well im glad to hear about the ward sounds like everyone is doing good. well keep me posted. well ill write more when i get on later tonight, hopefully. haha this week we have an ALL MISSION conference with our area general authority Elder Mickelson so thats cool well i love you guys sorry i dont write more, but the questions help haha i love you guys.
elder curtis