Wednesday, February 3, 2010

not a lot of success still :(

**From Cindy - So sorry this didn't get updated! Just got a new calling and it's been crazy getting it all figured out! We happened to catch him at the right time on the computer so we were able to "chat" back and forth a little. It was so fun!
Thanks so much for all the prayers on his behalf! We love our family and appreciate all the support he has!

Dear Family,
Wow 8 years happy anniversary! That's cool so ya it's going good down here another cold front hit the other day and has been raining off and on so it's cold and wet. Our family home evening project is starting out kinda rocky people canceling and plain forgeting so that's not fun of the 2 we've had one canceled the other forgot so we shall see hopefully it picks up but who knows I'm starting to think me and my comp are gonna be taken out of this area and no more elders are gonna come because the work is soo slow here but who knows feb. 20 we have changes and we will find out then. So other than that me and my comp are doing good and we are starting to write in our journals as a goal so right now at least 1 time a week and hopefully get better. So yeah but today we are just cleaning around the house and doing laundry out p days aren't that fun anymore with this new pres we can't to anything.
um so the package maybe some M and Ms I like those but whatever you get I will enjoy just not gum or hard candy I still have a bunch and no hygene products I have plenty of that stuff to last me the next 6 months haha.
And baptisms of those kids is up to the mission president to set those guidelines some after a week others after 3 or 4 like us but who knows. Well not much else to talk about haha sorry write me back if I forgot to answer something alright talk to ya later. I love you

Elder Curtis
Don't even think about messing with my stuff!!!! And i'm in mosiah 12 haha
Yeah elder allred he's my buddy he got a glass bottle busted over the back of his head and they got beat up but yeah
Elder Curtis

Oh and what's this that I hear someone from your mission got jumped? That true? Just curious...did you hear about the missionaries from Romania that died? I guess there was a gas leak in their apartment and they died in their sleep. My heart goes out to their parents.
So on a positive note....what's your favorite experience so far? Favorite scripture? Still Hel. 5:12? Favorite person that you have meet and will want to see again....anyone? Just wondering? Sorry your pday sucks. So no sight seeing? What town are you in again I have it as Tlalpan? I love you. Sam said if you don't answer that means yes!

we aren't allowed to have our gas tanks inside because of accidents like that one the leaders Check to make sure they are outside
And I'm in tlalpan it's part of the city in the southern tip we are right by the center of tlalpan in the neighborhood called tlacoligia if you can find it on google earth.
And to visit or see again there are a few families that I will probably keep in contact with some are members I have reactivated and a few converts so yeah
Elder Curtis

What the heck? Are you speed reading all of a sudden? Maybe I'm understanding more than you are...
oh and your brother is crying because you won't let him trash your snow board....I tried to tell him that you still wanted it...he said you were WAY too big for it now. He said okay I won't put wheels on it he just wants to learn to snowboard now... he was watching snowboarding x games or something like that and is sure he can figure it out. he's a goof.
love you

Haha I read it almost twice a day and through most of church haha
Buy Sam a cheap skateboard from ALCO or something.
Elder Curtis

That's not the point he wants your stuff...what can I say the picklehead comment ticked him off, he's bound and determined to do something to you. He's a nut. and desperatly thinks when you get home he's going to kick your trash. ha ha.
So Elder Allred, what happened? Just walking down the street? Crazy.
I'm glad you are staying awake during church. I guess I just suck. So are you at a cafe or something just scanning the web?
love you

Yeah him and his comp were just walking around doing work and he had a leather jacket on cause it was cold and they beat them up. And yeah we are at a cafe
Elder Curtis

how long are you going to be there?
sorry my blog isn't current. haven't been able to get the new camera yet...soon I hope. Do you have your camera there? Uhmmm maybe a little anniversary photo gift for the mom???? I'm not above begging! love you
be good, if I don't get with you later! tell Decker him too! I messaged his Dad and said hi! ha ha

And no camera with me haha
Elder Curtis

Hey hey another request for the package!!! The biggest bag of Swedish
fish you can find and the biggest bag of good n plenties and M&Ms if
you want haha thanks I love you!
Elder Curtis

speaking in church

Dear family.
Yeah we are feeling better but it was not fun oh I forgot to tell you that we also got to speak in church a few weeks ago and sure enough I still hate speaking haha I spoke on charity haha our president doesn't let us speak on anything having to do with mission work it's good though some elders would ask for references and tell the members how bad they are at helping with the work haha so the bishop asked us to speak on mission work and we explained we couldn't so he gave us other topics but it's even less fun when me and my comp have the full 40 min! Not fun. So other than that the lawyer guy and his friends don't live in our area so we had to hand them over to other elders it a bummer. But this Sunday we are starting a new program with the ward because if we don't start having more success here with the members and investigators the mission president will take us both out of here and there won't be elders so we are trying a new project. We are
going to members houses like 3 different ones a week to help them with family home evenings and eventually have the families invite people to come to listen to their lesson and we will be there to help and show how to teach investigators so it should be good it was the idea of the bishopric so hopefully the members will actually participate and do something hahaha but we shall see.
So snow eh wow that's awsome I wish it snowed here I miss it a lot. It snowed in my comps house like 1 inch and his family was all excited and he was showing me pictures and stuff and then I told him how much it snowed at home. I can't believe sunrise closed from too much snow that's crazy. Haha so yeah other than that everything is going good. I hope all is great back home well gotta get to washing clothes FUN! not. I love you guys.

p.s. Haha what do you think about Vegas. Working where Ray and those guys worked? Good money... Haha you could ask Steve or collene if Daniel is hiring in a few months....? Please? Haha or get his email for me.
What is up with Lia's teeth hahaha and no I'm doing great I don't know why you think I've been down. The work in this area is super slow and not much success but that's all I'm doing great

Oh and I did check at walmart and it costs money to put them on the website so I haven't checked any further haha but I'll take some more pictures

Elder Curtis