Monday, December 1, 2008

more showers from a bucket :(

Dec. 1, 2008
Well it sounds like you guys had a fun trip! I loved thanksgivings when the whole family did stuff together, well yeah my thanksgiving was kinda a bummer, it was just another day for us here I didn’t even remember it till Friday! so no fun but it’s ok, so other than that this week we woke up Tuesday morning to find that we were out of Gas to heat our water for showers so...... you guessed it.... more showers from a bucket, I really don’t like showering out of a bucket but it’s warm and gets the job done, but the water here is soo dirty and nasty that when I get out of the shower my whole body itches soo bad! it sucks but it just depends on the area you’re in, well this week we found out that the girl that we were going to baptize... her mom said NO, so tomorrow we are going to go talk to her to find out why she doesn’t want her to be baptized so who knows how that will end up but we found some new investigators so hopefully someone will want to learn. so yeah, today we went to this place called Tepito, it’s this HUGE place where you can buy ANYTHING you could want for really cheap so we bought some stuff and mostly just walked around it was awesome. So yeah tonight we have family home evening with the ward so I have to hurry up cause it starts in like 15 min but I’ll get back on after and write more or reply if you write me back, but I love you guys and ill talk to you later

Well FHE was good learned some good stuff. so tomorrow we have divisions so I get to go to Chalco with one of the zone leaders for a full day it’s like 20 min away and it’s a pretty big city lots of people to talk to so it will be fun to have a little change in things, so there was special changes last week and the only other American in our district got transferred so now it’s only ME and 5 mexicans but it’s not bad. well hmmm your questions... what I dislike about my mission...hmmm that’s a tough question not really anything besides the people who don’t want anything to do with us and try to argue with us and stuff but the thing I love about my mission is meeting a bunch of new people every day and teaching people and seeing them feel the spirit and see them be changed by the spirit, it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen I love it, seeing peoples lives being changed right in front of us, so yeah thats it, sorry it’s not very much today don’t have too much time today, well have fun and tell lia and sam I love them and give them hugs for me, well I love you and miss you sooo much thanks for everything,
con muchisimo amor
Elder Curtis