Monday, November 30, 2009

Transferred again!

Wow officially December I can't wait for Christmas haha well today we went to play soccer as usual an they told us I have changes!!! So this is gonna be a super short letter because I have to pack and a lot of other stuff to do in a short amount of time so I'm going to a place called Tlalpan it's right next to one of my other areas by the Estadio Azteca so I'm excited to be back in the city I can't wait. It was getting too cold out here in the towns it's gets to like high 30 low 40 at night and in the day 65-70 it's nice during the day but at night it's COLD! I can't stand it but the city is a little bit warmer buy we shall see how it goes. My new comp is American so that should be good I was hoping for a Mexican to better my Spanish but that's life alright well I better get going lots to do in a little amount of time. I love you guys soo much and hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! Next time I'll be there!! Haha that's cool well thanks for everything

Elder Curtis