Monday, February 15, 2010

boxing with Josh?

Hey! Yeah so the rain stopped and the heat came, that's mexico cold hot cold hot its not too fun but everything is back to normal this week. So in our ward we are starting to have some issues and its getting pretty bad. Our bishop hasn't been to church in almost 6 weeks and our stake president has been there with us some sundays but the members are not doing good and starting problems in between the 2 big families that make up our ward. So it hasn't been to much fun but we are trying to do what we can and keep a smile on. We have been hearing rumors about our area getting closed and taking the missionaries out of it for a while which would be a good idea, so hopefully the pres. can figure something out that works... but its all good whatever he decides will work. So yeah he called us to go to his office last week and we were kinda nervous about why and then he asked to speak to me alone... haha I was super scared but he just said that the mission department finnally got back to him about my asking to go back for the police academy and i explained that it had been cancelled and he said that it all got figured out but we had a good chat and i told him i had come to the conclusion that i want to stay till August and finish so he asked if i was sure and i said yes so i'll be here only 6 more months...Crazy! its going fast. So today everyone wanted to play football and box so we met at the church and my comp agreed to box me! haha i was a little nervous but he kinda wanted too, so i agreed and my first punch landed on his jaw... which snapped him to the reality that he is really boxing a 6´8´´ 320 man haha he stopped for a second then kept going haha i felt bad. So i wasnt swinging hard but i has so much of a reach advantage i was hitting him alot, we boxed for like a minute and a half and it ended him him almost being knocked out twice a bloody nose and a massive headache hahaha I kinda felt bad but we enjoyed it! Most of the elders boxed and there was minimal blood so then we decided to play football so they kicked off to our team and i started lead blocking for the guy with the ball and my comp runs toward me to hit me so I ¨blocked¨ him haha which ended in him flying backward and hitting another elder who somehow really hurt his knee... i felt really bad for him hopefully its nothing serious. so yeah then we climbed ontop of the church and took some pictures and then to the mall so now im here and ya i kinda feel like a bully but it was fun. so i have been thinking a lot lately which is not exactly my best talent but i've really been thinking about trying to play football for a college in arizona ASU, UofA, UNLV, or up in montana with the griz. ive been thinking about it a lot but i dont know what do you guys think, tuition with books at asu and u of a is like 6,500 how much can grants give? just wondering. well thats about it just thoughts about after the mission but ya other than that all is going good and im lovin it,
i love you guys
Elder Curtis