Tuesday, March 30, 2010

20 months down!

well hello family how is everything going for you guys this week? well for me this week has been great, we are teaching some awsome people still and they are really excited about the church so hopefully things keep going good and they can progress even more. so today was p-day and these days are always fun we had the meeting in the morning and then played some soccer and a few rounds of boxing and 2 bloody noses today so all in all it was a good day then we changed and went down to the Aztec Stadium for some good food and now we are just relaxing getting ready to wash clothes and clean house haha my favorite... NOT. so ive almost got 20 months in the mission which is crazy to think about and all my buddies from the mission are finishing their missions and going back to the real world its crazy but i think i am going to miss the mission like crazy this time that i have here is going soo fast and i know i am going to miss it, but next tuesday are the changes so we will see if i get to stay in this area or if im leaving either way i will be happy so its a win-win situation for me. so yeah other than that everything is going better than ever! i hope you guys are doing good, hows the house going?? how are lia and sam doing? lia still loving school? alright well i better get going, i love you guys soo much i dont know what i would do without you.
Elder Curtis