Tuesday, April 27, 2010

power outage

well hello family so yeah on monday when we came to the internet cafe we were here for 10 min and all the sudden there was a big explosion and all kinds of colors and smoke and sparks and i thought there was an accident outside but it was just that the transformer right outside the internet like blew up... it was kinda crazy so then we go walking down the street to find a new internet and as we were walking it happened again right next to us and this time some of the lines actually fell on the ground and al the people were running and screaming and stuff so it was kinda crazy so thats why but during the day a family invited us to her sons birthday party so we thought free food and cake... OF COURSE! so we helped decorate and we ate our fare share of tacos and cake and then we got to play with like 20 kids like 10 yrs old haha they rented a huge bounce house thing and me and my comp would grab the kids by their wrists and ankles and throw them onto it haha it was pretty fun but after a while we got tired to then we did jump rope with all of them haha fun stuff. So today in the morning we woke up to get ready for our zone conference and my shoulders are pretty sore from all the kids yesterday haha. The conference today was really good i enjoyed it a lot, we talked about "where we come from" about our lineage from Noah and his 3 sons Jafet, Sem, and Cam and the blessings and curses and why we were born wherever we were born so it was really interesting.
So the move sounds like its coming along pretty good getting all the loose ends taken care of, thats good people are interested in it hopefully it sells fast, how much are you asking? so im still here in the city, a place called San Pedro Martir, Tlalpan, its in the southern part of the valley up in the foothills but its still big city, our 2 wards are doing pretty good and in the city, well parts of the city we eat pretty good, but out in the small town is when you get the wierd stuff but it fun to try new stuff, tacos of cow head, cow tongue and eyes haha. so what im going to miss the most... hmmm just everything about being a missionary, all of the experiences we have on a daily basis its a combination of highs and lows and its something special to be a part of, having friends wherever we go because people recognize the name-tag and start talking to us and where they are from and stuff like. something im looking forward to would be freedom haha its a little restrictive in the mission haha seeing the family, going to school haha ive forgoten everything. and one of the most looked forward to is driving hahaha i miss it soo much. haha jk but ya so thats whats going on down here, i hope all is still going good for you guys.
i love you guys.
Elder Curtis