Wednesday, January 20, 2010

twisted ankles/ stomach flu

Hey fam so it's almost the end of January that's crazy to think about. Today we went and played soccer with the elders and it was good I'm just a little slower now I twisted my ankle last week playing soccer and it's still sore. I think I've twisted my ankles like 7 times during the mission haha and early Friday morning my comp left our room in a hurry and I soon found out why, as the sound and smell of vomiting filled our small "house" haha and that continued all morning till about 5 haha I just felt bad for him. So I went and found a store open at that time to get him a coke with lime Mexican medicine for stomach aches so Saturday afternoon we went to the zocalo to eat china buffet ( members gave us money for lunch ) so that was good but halfway through my stomach started hurting and as we got home I new there was something trying to kill me from the inside out! And that feeling lasted untill Sunday night it was not fun but I didn't vomit so that was
good haha and other than that it was the usual missionary stuff we found a lawyer guy and he invited us to his office to teach him about the book of Mormon and he invited his 3 friends so that was cool teaching them they look good but I think they live outside of our area so we shall see how that goes but yeah it was a good week for us.
My journal haha yeah I kinda stopped writing but I want to start back doing it but it's hard to do it I don't know why it just is haha maybe I'll do it once a week or something. I'll figure something out. Well I miss you guys and I hope your having a great time down there. Have you heard anything about the ranch? I'm really excited about it. I really hope it works out I think it would be a great thing for our whole family to do and I would love to help out. Maybe ride a horse again haha well I love you.

Elder Curtis

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