Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold in Mexico!

Hey so this week has been good but the weather is terrible. It's been really cold and overcast the whole week and our house is freezing! And it's been raining for the past 3 days but it should let up till Wednesday ad then another cold front is due to hit. So the winters in Mexico are not what I thought they were. COLD. but it's my last one so I'm not to bummed. So tomorrow is the changes but I'm with my comp another 6 weeks i can't believe how fast this last 6 weeks flew by. So yeah everything here is going great we might go to wal-mart today so I will check on that picture part. So how's Ray doing have you talked to his parents? Is Tell gone yet? Well I'm excited for you guys to go down to safford to live there I think it will be fun. I'm still trying to decide about school or what to do when I get back, but there is still some time. I'm still kinda thinkin about coming back a month early just to have some time to figure everything out before it's too late for school and stuff. What do you think about that like July 13 just a thought. So grandma is going in for surgury? When? Where? I hope she's getting better. Well other than that not much is going on here just work work work keeping us busy. My birthday package. Hmmm maybe those shoes. Candy haha no hard candy I still have a lot from last year a big bag of jolly ranchers from Shonna so M&Ms are good nuts anything. Pictures anything you want. Well that's all I can think of now if I think of anything else I'll send another one later. Thanks so much for everything I love you guys!

Elder Curtis

Hey so quick note I would like some GOOD AND PLENTYS in my package like a good amount of them haha if you can I've been wanting those petty bad lately haha so yeah I'll think about the whole coming home timeline. But other than that all is good I can't remember what else I was going to tell you.... Hmmmm who knows. Well that's all I love you

Elder Curtis

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