Wednesday, February 3, 2010

speaking in church

Dear family.
Yeah we are feeling better but it was not fun oh I forgot to tell you that we also got to speak in church a few weeks ago and sure enough I still hate speaking haha I spoke on charity haha our president doesn't let us speak on anything having to do with mission work it's good though some elders would ask for references and tell the members how bad they are at helping with the work haha so the bishop asked us to speak on mission work and we explained we couldn't so he gave us other topics but it's even less fun when me and my comp have the full 40 min! Not fun. So other than that the lawyer guy and his friends don't live in our area so we had to hand them over to other elders it a bummer. But this Sunday we are starting a new program with the ward because if we don't start having more success here with the members and investigators the mission president will take us both out of here and there won't be elders so we are trying a new project. We are
going to members houses like 3 different ones a week to help them with family home evenings and eventually have the families invite people to come to listen to their lesson and we will be there to help and show how to teach investigators so it should be good it was the idea of the bishopric so hopefully the members will actually participate and do something hahaha but we shall see.
So snow eh wow that's awsome I wish it snowed here I miss it a lot. It snowed in my comps house like 1 inch and his family was all excited and he was showing me pictures and stuff and then I told him how much it snowed at home. I can't believe sunrise closed from too much snow that's crazy. Haha so yeah other than that everything is going good. I hope all is great back home well gotta get to washing clothes FUN! not. I love you guys.

p.s. Haha what do you think about Vegas. Working where Ray and those guys worked? Good money... Haha you could ask Steve or collene if Daniel is hiring in a few months....? Please? Haha or get his email for me.
What is up with Lia's teeth hahaha and no I'm doing great I don't know why you think I've been down. The work in this area is super slow and not much success but that's all I'm doing great

Oh and I did check at walmart and it costs money to put them on the website so I haven't checked any further haha but I'll take some more pictures

Elder Curtis

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