Tuesday, January 5, 2010

exciting day....not!

Hey sorry it took me soo long to write today was kinda long and boring just cleaning and washing clothes still not the suit haha but soon hopefully. So this letter will br short cause it's late but I might write some more tomorrow to finish up so this week was good we worked pretty hard and our work payed off we had a new person at church yesterday so that was cool his name is Juan David and he's 18 so hopefully he will stick with it and get baptized. Umm my comp said that D'anne is his aunt so that's cool. And Paige is engaged haha yeah I was talking to her a few Months back and she said she was planning the engagement for December haha but that's cool her fiancé sounds like a good guy. It just wierd to think about people getting married haha Anyways so Lia has eye problems already haha I hope she won't need glasses that would be a bummer. So she is still loving school huh and how's she gonna like being told she had to be home-schooled?? Might want to ease her into that one it should be interesting. *(side note from Cindy - the homeschooling issue is part of a much larger dilema. Lots of possibilities for our adventure in Safford. Before we can leave acquiring jobs and selling the house need to happen...soon!!! )
So new thoughts .... I've been thinking a lot about what to do after the mission if I want to go to school or just work It would be better to at least have an assoc. In something rather than nothing but I just can't decide something to do with criminal justice but not limited to that field only ya know. So if you guys could give me some feedback haha your thoughts would be nice. Other than that it's going great and the new year looks good already! I can't wait to see what it has in store lots of good stuff. Well I better get going tell the kids I love them and I love you guys.

Elder Curtis

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