Monday, April 27, 2009

More about Swine flu

so yeah this week has been straight up crazy!!! this influenza is getting a little scary, as of yesterday 1,100 people (not sure on the numbers there are lots of rumors )have died here and everyone is freaking out but our president told us to keep working with Faith so we have been working but no one wants to talk to us because they are afraid of getting sick so its a little difficult but we are doing our best to stay healthy, been giving lots of blessings so hopefully we will be safe, but yeah we didnt have church yesterday and pretty sure not this week either so yeah its serious, but im really not that worried about it we have our mission doctor and stuff so yeah
so im glad that the temple was good im soo happy for Kim and Adam i wish i could have been there. so you guys finally got that package haha yeah i thought lia might like that purse and the shirt is the only one i have it just doesnt fit me so i sent it home and yeah the money haha those arent worth anything they are 1/10 of a peso they are less than a penny and good for nothing here haha.
so about the mothers day call im not sure anything about it haha its the 10th of may right? haha but if you guys want to go down to safford to call thats cool i wouldnt mind talking to everyone but if you cant thats cool too president hasnt said anything about it yet so ill let you know. I'm having the time of my life and love it, let everyone know how much i love them give lia and sam hugs and i love you guys soo much, keep us in your prayers this is a pretty tough time down here right now, thanks! well i better get going i love you
Elder Curtis

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