Monday, April 27, 2009


(I just love how he starts a letter making fun of my questions, but at least he's trying to answer)
ha ha I forget to explain things. a sistern is a huge box underground that holds water because in mexico the government turns off the water like 2 days a week so people get these so they never run out.
but as for T... wow im not even sure what to say im soo happy for him and deciding to go home and take care of it and get his life back on track what a hard trial. but he will be stronger, being on a mission is amazing it is the hardest thing ive ever done but with the sacrifice comes blessings and that is the best part, in these 2 years soo many things happen in our life soo many changes take place and even though we left "boys" we return as "MEN" there is nowhere else i would rather be right now i couldnt imagine my life without serving a mission i love it.
Soo yeah thats the news for now but ill let you know if anything happens we cant work so we have a lot of free time haha well i love you guys and take care, see if you can find anything out on that package i sent with that lady for you guys in the valley and tell cami i said "HELLO FROM MEXICO!!!" well i better get going
Elder Curtis

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