Monday, February 2, 2009

awesome week!

WOW, this week has been amazing! it was awsome. so it started with us having crazy good success on tuesday last week, it felt like every door we knocked on was someone who was waiting to hear what we had to say. it was amazing we found soo many amazing families who are "GOLDEN" so throughout the week we met with the families and continued teaching them and invited them to come to church with us and they said YES so sunday we had 2 families in the church with us and it was testimony meeting and it seemed like everyone in the ward bore their testimony it was awsome and me and my comp decided to bear ours so we did and when we sat down one of the moms was crying and after she said shes not sure what happened but something inside her was soo happy and peacefull being there and hearing the testimonies, so yeah it was pretty much awsome. we are going to set some baptism dates for February with the 2 families, and we have about 4 other people that couldnt go to the church this week but they are also really good investigators, so yeah this week was great,.
oh so the pants.... just send them back haha if youll send me my plaid shorts that will be fine its going to start getting hot, sorry. and if you have room my red and white Pumas, my Nikes arent soo good for playing soccer hahaha please, and yeah with those i should be good. sorry for being soo much trouble. WOW 7 years thats gone bye fast. oh i finally got that CD of you guys talking on it... it was soooo AWSOME i really liked it, i want to see if i can find a way to get one of those so i can send one to you guys, not sure though, ill have to look into it, did you ever send any stamps? well wes never emailed me haha but he should be coming home sometime this year. well i hope you guys are having a good time, and happy anniversary!!! tell lia and sam i love tham and give hugs, i love you guys too
Elder Curtis

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