Monday, February 9, 2009

going to the temple on Valentines

hey hows it going?? so i sent some pictures hope you like them, so yeah the shoe thing is fine im not planning on bringing much home its just hauling everything around when i get transfered, oh so tuesday there are transfers but me and my comp are together another 6 weeks and then im probably gonna get changed, but the pants is cool thanks for doing that for me ill need them in a little while mine are getting thin.

soo stuff for the moms of the kids coming to mexico, i would say get EXACTLY what it says to bring, shirts pant and suits from the states but really you can find ANYTHING you need down here and its really cheap but the quality isnt as good so yeah, you can get good cameras here everything, so yeah thats what i can think of, ask me more if you have specifics.

so sounds like the wrestling team did well thats good to hear for a change, haha sam is still on he cowboy phase haha thats cool, so the family your working with sounds like thay are doing good and progressing, dont get frustrated it takes time, i remember when you and sean started going to church you guys rarely stayed passed sacrament, so just have patience and realate to what they are gong through, its not easy to change our lifestyle for the better,
well the family garcia tellez is going through the temple on the 14 to get endowed and sealed so i think we are going to be able to go too! so yeah well i miss you guys and it sounds like you guys are doing good
i love you
Elder Curtis

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