Monday, January 26, 2009

mission conference

well hello again, well this week has been good with the mission conference and everything. the conference was AWSOME!! i loved it first our president spoke and as a mission we set a new goal for baptisms of 100 every week then our presidents wife spoke haha her first talk in complete spanish in her 2 and a half years here haha she gets frustrated with spanish haha but i know how it is, then the wife of president mickelson spoke about the effects and blessings of serving missions it was cool, then president mickelson spoke about doctrine, about the atonement and the degrees of glory and the requirements to acheive each one it was awsome and he talked about all kinds of things that really helped us and at the end he opened it up for questions! so we got to ask him anything it way way cool!! so yeah the conference was pretty rare it was the second one in 4 years and the first time the whole mission was together for one, we had every missionary, there is one elder in the hospital with leukimia(dont know how to spell it) its a cancer or something and he is having chemo therapy and even he came to the conference so that was way cool, all the elders have been donating platelets for his medical stuff. so for my birthday hmmm not sure i dont really need anything and dont really have room for anything in my luggage so yeah, im getting a package ready to send home and its gonna be kinda expensive like 50 dollars so yeah its got a cool purse for lia and im gonna try to get a soccer jersey for sam or something and ill throw some other stuff in that might be cool for you guys like the picture cds and stuff, but yeah im almost 20!! wierd im getting old but you guys are almost 40 so im doing good hahaha well what size pants did you order. i got a package from nana full of her caramels!!!! it was awsome! the teaching is going good we have a few families listening, well if you guys want to pray for a family in our ward they are hopefully going to get their endownments on valentines day and the husband is kinda hesitant about it but they invited us to go through the session with them so thats cool its part of the family that i was with when i talked to you guys on christmas the Garcia Tellez family. the neatest experiance soo far.... probably baptisms and just being a missionary!! its awsome!! the scariest... hmmm sometimes the dogs try to eat us haha and the fact that some of the peole here are just straight up CRAZY haha lots of drunks and druggies but nothing has ever happened to us, favorite part about the mission... every one loves us in the wards, its like we're famous the members are awsome, my least favorite is all the ignorant and pridefull people that are rude and dont want to hear our message but thats life, my comps name is Alfonso Garcia Robles from Juarez, Chihuahua well this week has been good and ive got 6 months in the mission so thats cool, i still havent got that cd or anything from you guys, and i still havent heard from macen so i dont know, well i better get going thanks for the picture haha looks fun!! i love you guys
Elder Curtis

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