Monday, November 24, 2008

Pig brains?

well i still havent gotten any packages from anyone so im still waiting but its all good, not sure what i want to do about christmas ill think about it today and let you know tonight, but it sounds like our family is keeping the hospital busy as usual thats no surprise congragulations to chelsea and richard on the new baby girl thats cool i got to see one of the pictures of the 3 of them the other pic didnt work, so yeah im going good down here besides it being SUPER SUPER COLD!! it sucks i sleep with 1 pairs of sweats 2 shirts 2 pairs of socks and my big jacket and then 4 blankets! and im still cold, and it stays cold till about 11:30ish and then its HOT till about 7pm then it gets really cold again it sucks but oh well.
Soo big news this week........ one of the teenage girls weve been teaching accepted a baptismal date for this sunday!!! woo hoo but shes 16 so we have to wait to see if her parents will let her go through with it but we hope so. Other than that the other day my companion convinced me to eat a thing called a SESADILLA its a quesadilla with seso, and they were only 1 peso a piece witch is in our price range cause we are SOOOO POOOR haha so we each got a couple and after we had finished them, they werent too good but its food, he explained what SESO was...... its pig brains!!! haha so i wont be making that mistake of trusting in my compnion again haha so yeah it was pretty gross, but i can say i ate pig brains now. not much else has been going on just work, work, work we had changes last monday but niether of us got changed so were together for another 6 weeks so thats not bad, and somehow i got chosen to be SANTA CLAUSE for the christmas ward party on the 23rd of december so that should be interesting haha, i might have to be sick or something on that day ha so yeah its crazy to think ive already been gone 4 MONTHS!! crazy-ness its going by fast. well i gotta go but ill get back on again tonight and write a little more if you reply, peace out
Elder Curtis

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