Monday, November 24, 2008

Elder Hamblin

We got this letter from Josh's best friend, it made me laugh! Oh I miss having the guys over to hang out, what a great group of kids!!! I called his mom and I guess he already told her, he said as soon as he saw Josh he was yelling "HEY IT'S FAT CURTIS,,,,I KNOW HIM!!!!!!" ha ha

hi rickert family
hows life?? life here in the dirty dirty south of guadalajara is pretty good crazy sometimes!! it was good to here from you guys im glad to here everything is going good i sure do miss you guys it was always nice to just come over to your guys house and chill. sorry i cant make this a longer letter but im out or time i gots to go back to work!! o one other thing im sure josh or elder curtis has told you about the event for the re dedecation of the temple they had ya i got to watch it here and i SAW HIM haha i was so excited it was awesome so tell him i got to see him!!!

love elder hamblin

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