Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elder Claus

so this week has been interesting.... on tuesday we woke up at 6 30 to shower and stuff and to find out there was no water in our whole house no showers no toilet nothing! so we got to shower out of a little 5 gallon bucket... that was interesting, and don’t ask about the toilet...... haha jk so that lasted till sunday morning when the water filled back up, I was sooo happy to take a real shower, I never realized how much I took for granted and didn’t realize how nice I really have it with more things than just water..... with everything, my family, Lia and Sam, my friends it was interesting. So yeah I tried on the Santa costume its complete with jacket, pants, hat, beard, and glasses and its actually really big on me haha I don’t know how it looked with a little Mexican in it hahahah so yeah we get to stuff it with pillows or something, so thats way cool that Ray got to see me! haha he has my email I don’t know why he didn’t send me an email haha i'll write him next week but yeah that’s awesome, so yeah that’s what it’s like here and on saturday the elder that was here right before me went home this last change this was his last area so he came back with his parents to visit some people so we hung out with this lady who lives across the street her name is Hermana Beeges she is soo cool she feeds us all the time like almost a meal each day and we get to wash our clothes in her washing machine which is really awesome and she’s just super cool but yeah so with the other elder and his parents it was cool she cooked up a nice lunch for us all and turns out that family is from Gilbert Arizona haha cool stuff so it was funny trying to watch them speak the tiny bit of Spanish they thought they knew haha so yeah it was just cool to see actual Americans its weird already and its only been like 7 weeks here haha well gotta go, I love you guys soooooooooo much give lia and Sam a hug and tell them I love them and to take care of their fish! Well I miss you guys and take care
adios for another week!
Elder Curtis

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